don-dake said: Oh there’s a 裕 in EW’s name too? Nice coincidence! ^^


Yup! May not be this interested if not for this fact. XD

LOL. TBH, I don’t really bother to remember names of many supporting actors in HK dramas. Usually just call them by some nickname I coined myself. So even if I have seen an actor for years, I still may not know what’s their name! LOL
LOL personal code for artists? nice! hahahaha!
I don’t know her name at first and I have to check Wiki then I’m amused after finding out that she has 裕 in her name. lol The first thing that popped in my mind is I found another Yuu. XD
Didn’t realise it was Esther Wan in Better Halves till now! LOL Well, well, well. And nope, doesn’t look like Maggie or Yuu here to me. Guess its just that one shot from that HCII GIF huh? LOL
LOL Just that one angle. XD It did surprise me the moment I saw EW in DID. Almost spit my drink that time because I was like “wait a sec. where did I see this lady? Was she the empress or whatever lady of the emperor in BH?” And I need to verify by checking BH’s last episode since she’s in a period costume there and she’s manly in DID. Guess my memory worked fine that time. XD

seeing her transform bought my soul bwahahahahah

don-dake said: Ah I see. Haha thanks, don’t think I’ll be watching DID myself anytime soon that’s why I asked. :Q As for inside joke, its in Ep4 of NDA IIRC, where Siu See called her mother-in-law “Princess Fragrance”, think that’s ES’s character’s nickname in DID.


Thanks for saving me from scouring NDA’s episodes for this, which I won’t understand anyway if I did my own digging since they translated 香香公主 as Princess Klutz in the series. lol Before searching Chinese wiki, I thought that the “Fragrance” may have been in reference to ES’ character in The Hippocratic Crush II (yes, I watched this with the hope of seeing more of Esther Wan, but no. I was tricked once again lol), who’s fascinated with flower-infused teas,  aromatherapy oils, and other organic stuff.

As for DID, watched it after seeing Liza Wang in The Awakening Story and War of the In-laws 2. I like it because of several witty dialogues between LW and Gigi Wong, and Jerry Koo as So Kei who appears so gay but straight. XD JK and EW’s characters’ storyline is the only one that made me regret reading spoilers. Not fond of ES and the lead guy’s characters’ storyline though. It’s good, but I don’t think I would like it this much if So Kei is not around. XD

And crushing on Esther Wan because I can. lol :))))))

sorry for the unsolicited comment re DID just want to share my feels for it lol and for So Kei and Fan-fan XD